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1. Xpressite - Introduction
2. Xpressite - Setup
3. Web Site - Adding Content
4. Adding News, Events & What's New Items
5. Setting Up Navigation Links
6. Link Verification System
7. Graphics and Xpressite
8. Forms Processing
9. Ordering Information
Graphics and Xpressite

Graphics that are used within the system are kept neatly organized in Xpressite's Graphic Library. Whenever you need a graphic, simply pop open the graphic library and locate it from the list. If the graphic file has not yet been added to the library you can quickly add it by locating the file and adding it to the library. There is no toggling to and from the library because you can access it anywhere you may need a graphic.

Graphics and images added to pages can be directly copied onto the page and formatted just as you would a word document.

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