Kolaco – the makers of Xpressite

Kolaco, Inc., the makers of Xpressite, responded to the demands of small to mid-size companies by delivering a product that streamlines the entire website process from beginning to end saving both time and expense.

Xpressite began as a tool to streamline website maintenance for the Kolaco staff. By doing this, Kolaco could deliver faster results to the client and become more efficient in the workplace. Not only were clients pleased about quick turn around, they also realized a huge savings in maintenance fees.

Kolaco soon found that they could become even more efficient and save their clients more money, by transferring website maintenance tasks over to the client. A user-friendly interface design was added with easy point and click configuration so the non-technical user could easily create and manage content.

The response was overwhelming. The clients not only valued the savings but enjoyed the empowerment and convenience to make changes to their website.

Today, Xpressite has evolved into a powerful website management tool delivering professionally designed websites at an affordable price to small local companies to companies with revenues in excess of $1 Billion operating in multiple countries.

Kolaco is an ebusiness consulting firm adding website functionality to turn web sites into revenue generating assets. Web sites that are integrated with all aspects of the companies operations (e.g., sales, customer support, marketing, etc.) the more success a company will recognize from its website. Kolaco's business is increasing companies’ sustainable competitive advantage via efficiencies created through advanced web technology. We specialize in strategic Internet-intranet planning and legacy data integration, backed by a superior methodology and broad-ranging business expertise. Our Xpressite installations and custom applications have resulted in significant time and cost savings to our clients. For more information, visit the Kolaco website.

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