Xpressite - A new approach for all your website needs!

Xpressite is a powerful, easy-to-use, time saving content management system that can significantly reduce the costs associated with website maintenance.

Not only is Xpressite the most efficient content manager available, it was built to streamline the construction phase of your site. Instead of months, you can have a professional, fully functional website within weeks.

More than a website maintenance tool

With your purchase of Xpressite you will have the opportunity to work with our qualified team of professionals. We work with you from beginning to end to bring you the highest quality in website development.

Not sure what you want?

Let our strategic planners combine their business and technical expertise to bring you an effective e-business strategy that will drive traffic to your website. Because we understand business, we can significantly reduce your time commitment to the planning phase of website design. We will dispel the fears you may have regarding the uncertainty of what’s involved and the costs associated with your project. After meeting with us you will feel relieved, not overwhelmed, and ready to move forward.

Xpressite is delivered customized for your business complete with graphic design and content. You can begin using Xpressite with confidence knowing that you are fully trained by an Xpressite representative.

For a FREE consultation, contact us today.

Xpressite runs on an IBM Lotus Domino server, the most powerful application, collaboration and web server available in the industry.

Custom graphics
Visually enhance your website with a professional custom design to represent your corporate image.

Take advantage of Xpressite’s “set-it-and-forget-it” feature that makes it possible to defer publishing to a future date and remove documents when they are no longer needed.

Dynamic Menus
Dynamic Menus give you the ability to create and organize your navigation menus in a simple point and click environment.

Effective Navigation
Xpressite arranges the content of your website so that it is intuitive and easy for your prospects to navigate.

Managing Links
All non-working links are automatically removed from the system eliminating errors while keeping your web-site information up to date.

Data Integration
Xpressite integrates with your existing website and back-end databases and can run on any operating system and is designed to expand with your needs.

Activity Tracking
A separate database provides intelligence about your website’s visitors on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Forms Processing
On-line forms are useful for handling customer inquiries and gathering important information. You can organize your responses, manage your workflow and focus on customer service.

Secure Intranets
Improve workflow with the ability to share company information in a secure on-line environment.

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