Our internet privacy policy is not to publish contact and company names of our clients due to the resulting influx of unsolicited calls to the named parties. The contact names and companies can be provided, if requested directly from Kolaco.

"Xpressite has really simplified my responsibility for the website. Prior to using Xpressite, I used an independent consulting firm using MS FrontPage. I used to have to figure out what changes I wanted to make, document it very specifically, then email it to the consultants and wait for the changes to be made. Then I would need to proof the changes and notify the consultants to update the production site. Now, with Xpressite, I just make the changes, and I am done."
Director, Business Development

"Xpressite virtually runs itself. I particularly like the way it automatically expires news and events."
Executive Director

"We converted our website from MS Frontpage to Xpressite, and the cost of the conversion was less than the annual maintenance cost of our previous site. We got much more functionality and better performance using Xpressite. This is a great product!"
VP, Marketing

"We moved our website from internally hosted using Dreamweaver [web editor] to externally hosted using Xpressite. With Xpressite, the responsibility for content maintenance was moved completely away from the IT department. The content providers in the marketing department make daily updates, the site is always up and we have a reduced strain on our limited IT resources."
IT, Director

"Xpressite was simple. I did not initially believe it could do what it said it could do because the competition made the process sound so difficult. With Xpressite I update the website when I am in the plane or disconnected at home, then update the site when I connect back to my office. The competition better watch out, this has simplified my web presence."

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