Xpressite is a content manager that works FOR you.

Xpressite is a powerful web content management system designed to improve your website ROI. Xpressite has built-in intelligence that streamlines every action associated with website maintenance.

Add pages quickly and easily by a non technical person

Add functionality to your site that you thought was out of your price range

Communicate with your customers with a professionally formatted eNewsletter

Use the “automatic expiration” feature to remove outdated pages (e.g., expired events)

Automate advanced business processes to improve productivity and enhance customer service

Don't get held hostage by your web designer in a process that takes hours, days or even weeks for updates. With Xpressite, you can publish information to your website faster than it takes to email a change order to your web designer.

STOP paying high maintenance fees for slow turnaround. Convert to Xpressite Now!

Xpressite runs on an IBM/Lotus Domino server.

New Release
Xpressite 7r
What's new in version 7r?
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