Xpressite 7r upgrade

Search Engine Optimization Tools
Using Google’s webmaster tools, you can easily monitor your site’s ranking in the most popular search engine and determine ways to increase your rank. To do this your site needs to be issued a verification code. Xpressite includes this code so you can have access to the same data that SEO companies have including, diagnostics, statistics, and linking information. These valuable tools can provide information that can help you modify your website content, keywords, etc. to improve overall rank.

Page Menus
Page menus have been added to further improve your site’s navigation. The page menu shows up in the body of the page and repeats the links from the main menu to make navigation even easier for the user. The page menu has the added flexibility to add images above and below the links and to add additional text links.

Navigation Menus
Menu Categories (Navigator Link Category) - Several functions have been added to the Navigator Link Category configuration document that allows additional control and features for the page menu option.
    • Hide/Show page menu for this category provides flexibility to allow showing a page menu for some categories while hiding them for others.
    • Search box – Option to include search box on page menu and allowing you to define the search to entire database or to Category only.
    • Page Menu Background Settings – In prior release, the background setting for the page menu was the same for all categories. In the new release, you can define different backgrounds for each category.
    • Page Menu Margin Settings – Now you can override the margin settings for a single category.
Update Menu button
After making changes to the main navigation menu, it can be updated with a single click, significantly speeding up the process when making changes to the Main Menu.

Xpresslinks with defined user role access.
Xpresslinks are links that are specific to a given page and provide quick access to pages. They can be visible to all users or made available only to specific users in a secured environment. For example, as a non-member, xpresslinks might include a list of news articles and a list of current events. After logging on, xpresslinks now include additional links to secured articles that can be viewed only by members.

Pending Approval added to publishing rights
In the Administration area of Xpressite, you have the ability to assign publishing rights, as well as editing rights to specified employees. Editors will be able to access only those areas within Xpressite that have been assigned to them. Anyone with editing rights can contribute information to the web site for approval. Those who have been assigned publishing rights will receive web content that is marked pending. The approver can approve the content for publication or send it back to the editor for further revision.

Beefed-Up Events Calendar
  • Events Calendar Format with advanced Filtering
  • Color coded Events Calendar
  • Event registration integration with Paypal/verisign
News Archiving
Outdated news articles can be automattically achived and available on the website.

Site Map Configuration Document
This document allows users to generate a full page site map on their web site rather than a one-column listing.

Custom Print/Book Mark/Forward icons
Now you have the ability to add custom icons to any given page that will allow the user to print, book mark or forward the information.

Custom Footer
Custom footers allows more flexibilty. You can add images, text, links, background colors etc.

View Defaults
View defaults have been added to the web site default configuration document to give you more control over the fonts and font colors of your view listings.

Flash components available in top banner
Add Flash to your banner that can change with each page.

Home page news/events listing can have set limits
Can set a limit to the number of news/events items you want to show on the home page with a link to a full listing

Fixed Width Websites
Websites with fixed widths now have more flexibility with design.

Xpressite eStore updates
  • Additional options for setting and charging shipping costs
  • Ability to identify product author (for books etc.) for searching and displaying
  • Include a link to a download file after complete transaction
  • License sign-off for purchases of specific items, e.g. software downloads
  • Promotional discounts option (based on code – % discount)
  • Special Pricing Start and End dates
  • Member Pricing associated with a specific user group
  • Login through entire registration process.
  • Integration with Paypal in addition to Verisign

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