Xpressite Add-on Modules

Each of these powerful applications gives you the same outstanding product performance, ease-of-use, versatility, economy and affordability available from Xpressite’s efficient design standards. Custom-built applications are also available.

Contact Database
Discussion Forum
Document Library
Electronic Newsletter
Employee Directory
Event Registration
Meeting Minutes Tracking
Project Management
Forms Automation & Approval
Sports Event & News Tracking
Academic and Education Modules

Contact Database
Add a contact manager to your intranet and allow your employees to access centralized information about your company contacts. The contact database tracks activities as well as standard contact information so the entire list of activities is accessible. Having a central location for all contact activities (callbacks, notes, meeting notes, email memos, etc) preserves your corporate intelligence and simplifies the process of providing uninterrupted customer/prospect service if one of your employees leaves the company.
Discussion Forum
Xpressite’s discussion forum captures questions and responses posted on-line by the user community in a hierarchical manner, and preserves the resulting intelligence for future reference. Post a question or a response, or search the forum for a specific topic. This method of on-line collaboration is often more effective than e-mail because you’re more likely to reach a wider audience of experts. The discussion forum is email-enabled so proper notification will happen on new topics that meet users interest profiles.Document Library
The Document Library allows you to securely store and share documents, spreadsheets and other files in a centralized on-line document library. This library is a fully-searchable database providing document retrieval by any authorized user at anytime.E-Commerce
Manage your on-line products quickly and easily with Xpressite's E-commerce module. You’ll get a powerful e-commerce website that’s easy for you to maintain, and just as easy for your customers to use. Electronic Newsletter
Xpressite's Newsletter allows your customers to sign up for valuable information such as newsletters, promotional offers or product updates. The information can be easily sorted to simplify your distributions. You can also import or manage your email list directly in this system. Select to distribute the newsletter to "All" or a subset of your entire mailing list. Xpressite automatically creates an HTML formatted (MIME) using summary information on the web pages you want to include in your newsletter with links back to your site for the full articles. This is permission email marketing only and includes all the requirements of current and pending SPAM legislation. We do not endorse SPAM.Employee Directory
The on-line employee directory provides profiles on each employee and can be accessed quickly and easily from a secure environment. This directory can replace hard-copy phone lists that are often outdated before they’re even printed and distributed. Employee profile information, which may also include such details as department, approval manager, and purchasing thresholds, can be used to prepopulate automated forms.Event Registration
With the Event Registration module, you can track event attendance by allowing visitors to register on-line. Also, your registrants can search to see others that have already registered for the same event.FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can reduce the number of support calls by providing answers to the most commonly asked questions. Your FAQs are easily maintained from a central location and automatically published to the website.Meeting Minutes Tracking
This unique meeting minutes tracking system allows you to create a meeting minutes summary, route it to attendees, and track individual action items through to completion. Project Management
If the Meeting Minutes Tracking module doesn’t fully meet your project management needs, Xpressite’s Project Management module gives you the ability to set milestones, identify requirements by milestone, and establish tasks and action items associated with milestones and requirements. Forms Automation and Approval
Kolaco, Inc. consultants have attained the highest level of certification available to allow you to automate any form and include workflow that meets your needs. We can automate any form and using Xpressite's Workflow to manage the approval process. Generally, requests are tracked in the system by status, so you can organize your responses as new, opened or closed enabling you to give your customers timely responses and the customer service they deserve. Sports Events and News Tracking
Managing sporting events and related news can be a full time job, depending on the number of teams you are trying to manage. With Xpressite's Sports Tracking module, we have streamlined the process of setting schedules, monitoring results and reporting on the events. Academic and Education Modules
Educational Institutions have to distinguish themselves on many different levels to maintain their standing in the industry. As competition increases and budgets decrease, its even more important to find ways to differentiate yourself while at the same time controlling costs. Xpressite is a website content manager that enables schools to advance their internet presence a many different levels, to improve overall attractiveness and provide enhanced efficiencies in other areas of the organization, including academic information and inquiry processing, sports scheduling and reporting, development activities, admissions information, alumni/ae relations and an on line parent/student/teacher community.

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