Construction Industry Solutions

Construction companies are experts at project management. Construction projects usually involved several different companies all working toward a common goal. With increased pressure on margins, it is more imperative that firms operate efficiently. The best way to become efficient is through the use of an online project management system. These systems help contractors and subcontractors coordinate delivery and scheduling of tasks, especially when changes are made that impact several other areas. Each task is dependent upon the timely completion of another task and managing changes in schedules and organizing ever changing delivery dates in any project is an art.

The Xpressite Solution

Implementing Xpressite allows subcontractors to log onto the project website and instantly be presented with items that are assigned to them, news and other notifications that may impact their schedule. Each party has the ability to communicate project updates to the entire project team (without delay). Xpressite helps to complete projects on time and on budget.

Project Summary: The project summary provides an updated overview of the entire project, including targeted milestone dates, location and description information.

Project Contact Directory: The complete list of project contacts for a project is available online. When documents and forms are being routed, the system automatically retrieves latest contact information, so nothing gets routed incorrectly.

File Cabinet: Photos, drawings and other files can be stored in the file cabinet for restricted access, so users don’t have to scroll through their email inbox looking for the latest version of these documents. Progress photos are also stored on the site so the entire project team can see the project at each stage.

RFIs (and Changes orders): Are there pending change orders looming? By automating the entire RFI process the contractor and the architect are immediately notified of all possible situations that may give rise to a change order. Early tracking of RFIs is key to effectively managing project costs and potential claims.

Submittal Logs: Submittals created by CSI code, printed and then sent with the related materials allows an online, sortable submittal log to be tracked for each project. As the submittal moves from one person to another, the status is tracked in the system and the Ball-in-Court sort allows the quick identification of any bottlenecks in the system.

On-line Collaboration: Any questions about the project can be posted on the site and resolved in a discussion format before actually creating an RFI.

Meeting Minutes Tracking: The process of documenting meeting minutes and the act of follow up on action items arising from these meetings is crucial in the project management process. Integrating Xpressite’s Meeting Minutes tracking module in the construction project management process assures that each item is followed through to completion.

Project Calendar: The home page of each project website includes a project calendar displaying important documents requiring action or follow up, upcoming meetings or important notices. Project team members are reminded of these important items each time they log onto the project website.

Daily Reports: The field superintendents can complete their daily field reports online and the project managers can track the progress and identify any emerging issues early on.

User Security: On any construction project, not all parties need to have access to everything and each person should not be given the same access. Since there are several different modules (RFIs, Submittals, calendar, Meeting Minutes, Transmittals, Files, Reports, etc) Kolaco implemented an advance security system that allows setting different access levels for each module for each person.

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