Project Management Front End

Project Management Front End

To use the ease of navigation and the dynamic home page to front end a customized project management system.

Need Identified
The company had a need to automate their project management system to make available all project related documents to all project related users. The company liked the way Xpressite is laid out, how the navigation links are dynamic and how the home page automatically updates itself for new documents or other items of interest. They wanted to use this same look and feel to be the front-end to their project management system so that all new documents are displayed on home page and any items due (or overdue) appear as well on the home page. Additionally, these documents on the home page are specific to the logged in user, so the user doesn't have to wade through the clutter of all new documents (and due today documents) to determine if any apply to them.

Kolaco used Xpressite as the basis for this solution which saved over 4 weeks of development time. We implemented a separate project management system in a separate Domino database. Since the project management database was a separate system, we maintained the integrity of the source code of the Xpressite product so the client could continue to qualify for product version upgrades and new releases. Most of the linking to the separate project management system was done through standard Xpressite functionality, which created a perception that the systems were indeed one system.

  • Saved significant time and dollars for not having to develop separate front end for project managment system.
  • Ease of update for future navigation and graphics changes.

Time Frame
Implementation of the front-end portion was less than one week, however the development of the entire project management system was significantly more time.

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