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Internet and Collaborative Intranet

To develop a web site that disseminates public information to clients and prospects, and also provide a secure area for company employees across 60+ locations to access all company information, process forms, review competitive information and access on-line order requests. Additionally, site content published must able to be added/updated instantly without any knowledge of a programming language or hiring of outside consultants.

Need Identified
The company had over 700 employees located in over 60 sales offices throughout North America and Puerto Rico. Their existing system of disseminating information was via mail, email and fax machine. The main problem was that information about company products, competitor information and industry news totalled over 1,000 pages per year and there was no easy way to retrieve information in this highly manual process. The company needed a system that provided the ability to publish all their company information, product information and competitive analysis in a central place to allow the employees to access this information by date, type, title, or perform a full-text search on the existing data. Additionally, the company needed a professional looking web site with an on-line intelligent order form that could be filled out by web visitors and routed to the office in that territory.

Xpressite was implemented as the basis for the web site and the intranet web site. Visitors to the web site can access industry related information as well as products and services information. Visitors can find a sales rep in their area, or fill in an on-line order form to allow the sales rep in their area to contact them about the request. Employees can access the intranet by clicking on the Members button. The members only section included company updates, competitive analysis, on-line orders received, a discussion forum, news, upcoming events and internal product and sales information. With Xpressite the marketing department updates the site with changes and additional information without using any programming resources. All Events, News and new pages are posted on the Intranet Home page immediately and remain on the home page until they expire.

  • Streamlined updating of web site, without using an outside consultant or learning a programming language.
  • Intelligent on-line order forms assure orders are completed with appropriate contact information for follow up.
  • On-line collaboration by employees on multiple locations.
  • Saved postage and photocopying costs of not mailing hundreds of documents per employee per year.
  • Improved vehicle for communicating between offices on key sales issues.
  • Full text searchable databases for product and competitor information

Time Frame
Implementation of this system required one month of development time.

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