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Morristown Beard School

Morristown Beard School is a private school in Morris County. The web site is primarily a marketing site to allow potential students to browse to learn about the different aspects of the school to help them evaluate their alternatives. Additionally, alumni use the site to find out about current happenings at the school and update information about their own lives. Xpressite facilitates the updating of the site by the person responsible for making the content changes and removes that responsibility from the limited internal IT resources at the school. This frees up the IT department to focus on the infrastructure and network support.

Faculty Biographies
We added a separate category to the Web page "Faculty." These faculty pages contain head shot pictures of the faculty member, name, title and department and allows the content to be updated with biographic text wrapping around the photo, without any HTML coding. Additionally, these bios are grouped be department as well as alphabetically. Adding a new faculty member (or changing an existing one) is done on the page itself, and all corresponding links are automatically updated. The alphabetical listing is updated for the new page, without any additional coding and the department listing is also updated. For example, if someone changes their name and moves from one department to another, the system automatically makes the corrections when the changes are made on the bio.

Additional forms for Submission
Kolaco added separate forms to facilitate the different types of information that needed to be collected from the web site. This included on-line giving, on-line alumni information updating, request for information, requests for special promotional items, etc. Each different type of form is routed to a different person for responding, depending upon the the type of request (this is standard functionality in Xpressite). Additionally, since Xpressite provides abbreviated workflow, internal users can quickly see which requests are New, Open and Closed without having to sort through their email.

Other pages added and/or changed on the site are done directly and often.

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