Mendham Little League: Information dissemination

News, Events and re-Scheduling
Mendham Little League

Kolaco founders were involved in the Mendham Little League process this year. Kolaco volunteered to create a website to facilitate the organization and dissemination of information to the community. In two days, Kolaco created a website using Xpressite's base functioality, adding content as provided by the Board or Directors of Mendham Little League.

Post all events Now and have them appear as they get close
Xpressite allowed us to enter over 35 events all up front. We set up start and end dates so that each day the old events would automatically be removed from the home page and any new ones that had active start dates would suddenly appear on the home page. This showed the web visitors only events coming up in the next two weeks. Also, if they clicked on the "Events" button they can see all events as far into the future as they were entered.

Instant posting of Rain outs
When there was a rain out and games were cancelled (and clinics rescheduled), the News was posted on the web site by 9 am on the day of (Saturday) so people could quickly check the website to find out the rescheduling.

Link to Weather
Since baseball is weather sensitive, we provided a quick link on the home page, that incorporated the Mendham area, so users could click on the link and go right to the weather for the week for that town.

Team Results
Results were posted at the end of the day, so the standings were readily avialable. This was especially helpful during the all-star season when competiting towns could quickly see how they stood in the region.

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