Xpressite Solutions: Centralized Marketing Intelligence

Getting the edge on the Competition

As the economy slows and companies begin tightening their budgets, it becomes even more important to hone the sales process. Gathering market intelligence is still important but being able to use that information and share it easily with fellow sales reps is mandatory in an economy like today. There can be no wasted time and not duplicate effort to get an edge on the competition. This company has sales reps in 18 countries around the world and needed a simple way to not only track the activity to allow management to do their job, but also needed a system where the sales reps can track information to make their job easier. Xpressite was used to coodinate the Intranet to allow easy access to the following key areas of the site:

Central tracking of all prospect information
Sales reps enter contacts, companies, lead and prospect information into the sales force automation end of the system. The sales automation system was a custom design for this specific industry and contains reporting and tracking speific to this industry. Xpressite was used to simplify the navigation to the different aspects of the sales system, by including the relevant reports and views in the left navigator. The details of the Sales Force Automation system will not be described here, but were developed by Kolaco, Inc. as a custom application.

Marketing Minutes
To facilitate a market awareness between the different sales reps around the world, the system generates a "Hot Prospect" list by region and disseminates it to all sales reps at the beginning of each week. This list acts an agenda for a sales conference call where each rep discusses the key prospects in their region. This meeting is highly interactive allowing sales reps to share their information about these hot prospects to help them win the accouts. Prior to this system, a clerical person in each of the 18 offices would spend a day each collecting update information about these prospects and then assembling them into this list. Xpressite provides an on-line access of the previous meeting minutes and also provides a preview of the next weeks list so reps can make sure the information they will be discussing is accurate.

When a sales rep is looking for someone with knowledge to assist them in a sale, they can access the Xpressite discussion forum and post a question for all sales reps to read and reply if they have any information or comments. This is a much easier way then trying to sift through responses in an email box. Discussion topics can be linked to either contacts or prospects to allow marketing intelligence on a company or person.

Marketing Data
Potential clients always want to know who else you have done similar work for. The Xpressite system lists market intelligence to allow sales reps to search previous clients and projects by industry type, sales type, project type, customer type, region and dollar value. This searching allows them to put together quickly a listing of references for the current prospect, plus, by allowing this search to be done across all regions, the list is even more impressive since it may include clients of the company around the globe.

Proposal Library
Each time a proposal is written, the sales rep does not need to start with a blank sheet of paper. The Corporate marketing department has designed standard proposal templates and standard paragraphs to facilitate this effort. These templates are available on line so the company has a consistent presentation.

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