Xpressite Solutions: On-line Information Distribution

On-line Information Distribution

To expand and revise the method of disseminating information, correct existing inconsistencies within on-line forms, and integrate a user-intuitive atmosphere, while providing the ability for instant updating.

Need Identified
The educational institution needed to fix and maintain their existing web site links as well as to develop new ones. They found their site content to be stale and updates to take a particularly long period of time to come to realization, particularly due to the fact that any change/s needed to be made by the IT dept. or an outside source. Additionally, the institution discovered many of the existing forms were being completed in error, including, inaccurate submission and routing. This created uncertainty and discrepancy within their environment. In addition to correcting their existing forms, new innovative forms, needed to be produced. Lastly, the institution wished to see the faculty play a more integral part in the publishing of information.

Kolaco analyzed the above and implemented a system (Xpressite) in order to solve those problems listed above. This system put the institution in control of its’ own campus-wide web site, including all maintenance, updates, and modifications. Through the implementation of Xpressite, the institution’s dependence upon IT departments and outside sources was removed, resulting in a tremendous savings not only in time but also in money. This allowed them the ability to work more effectively on other duties and tasks. Forms submission and routing was clearly defined through this system, allowing for confidence and consistency throughout. The ease in using this system spread throughout the professional staff and resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of staff participating. Those users who would normally shy away from contributing to this form of communication, were now eager to take part. This system allowed for extremely easy, up-to-the-minute changes to be made to all areas of the independent school web site by virtually everyone designated as a participant.

Eliminated the need for IT dept. and outsourcing for web site maintenance.
Created a correct submission and routing of forms.
Allowed the institution to provide up-to-the-minute information to prospective clients.
Enabled communication within the environment that is a cut above the rest.

Time Frame
The process to convert 150 web pages to Xpressite took two and a half days.

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