PLAN: Complete Intranet Solution

Complete Intranet Solution
Professional Liability Agents Network

The Professional Liability Agents Network ("PLAN") is an International network of hundreds of insurance professionals providing business insurance to the professionals marketplace. Each agency is independently owned and operated and range in size and region, but leverages the strength of numbers by participating in the PLAN organization. The information about the insurance products these agents provide is changing all the time. It is the agent's job to find the best policy for their clients. This often requires detailed analysis about different types of coverages with different carriers, while factoring in the specific needs of each client.

Need Identified
The organization needed a way to allow its agent members (several hundred) the ability to share information (competitive information, policy comparisons, policy updates, sales tools, newsletters and insurance company financial information) in a format that was easily retrievable. Prior to Xpressite, of the pieces of information that were desseminated, some were sent by email, some by fax and some by regular mail. The number of pieces of information would be significant and then would have to be filed by each and every recipient, using a file system that allowed the correct piece of information to be retrieved later on when needed. The network needed some way to centralized the storage of the information and provide a full-text search capability. Additionally, instead of agents emailing each other asking questions on certain risk related topics, they needed an on-line discussion forum so users could post their issues and let the responses be collected and organized.

The PLAN Internet site
Since the PLAN name is well-known in the industry, professionals would know they wanted a PLAN agent but not know who to call. The PLAN internet site provides basic information about PLAN, a Find an Agent map that allows users to see a map of the US (and Canada) and with a mouse-over see who their agent is in their area, and the ability to fill out a prequalification application, which is routed to the agent in the appropriate terrirtory for response and follow up. Xpressite's easy updating allows the site administrator to quickly update new postings of PLAN information so the site stays fresh without the constant need to have a consultant process the changes.

The PLAN Intranet site
The Intranet site for PLAN members contains valuable sales and market intelligence data to help make the daily lives of the agents easier. The site contains powerpoint presentations, word documents, excel spreadsheets for analysis, in addition to word documents. When an agent needs to find something on the Intranet, they can do a full-text search on their keywords, and then review the results. This search includes all words on the web page, AS WELL as in any attached files. Additionally, the discussion board allows users to post their question (or response) and select who they want to notify about the new posting. This is in contrast to the old method of emailing everyone and then sifting through a series of responses trying to find the answer mixed in with dozens of other non-related emails. Plus, maybe the person that has the answer is not someone that the email was sent to. If so, the discussion board is open to allow the other agents to respond. Finally, the discussion provides a resuable reference library since it is also included in the full-text searching system. If they have a questionn and if it was discussed in the discussion area, it will show up in the search results.

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