Retail Industry Solutions

When a retail company decides to sell products on the Internet there are many options for their store front. There are instant store fronts that provide a simple interface and the ability to quickly add your products and be open for business from day one. There are fully integrated eCommerce systems that integrate with supplier databases and ERP systems, and everything in between. Regardless of whether companies simply post product information, take credit cards or integrate with an ERP back end system, having the ability to update products quickly and easily is paramount. Xpressite's eStore / eCommerce module provides the same easy to use, custom professional layout, dynamic menuing and automatic updating features available in Xpressite, coupled with eCommerce shopping features to facilitate product management.

Here are some of the solutions Xpressite has implemented for retail and products companies:

Product updates: New products are easily added to the website complete with image and product description. Xpressite keeps track of where and how to display it on the site.

Floating Shopping Basket: Xpressite's shopping cart floats across the screen so they can always see what they have selected.

Shopping Cart Options: Each shopping cart has its custom look and feel providing the exact shopping options you want.

Product Specials: Products marked as "Special" can help move an overstocked product or provide more visibility for temporary promotions.

Accommodates Different types of items: Some items you can buy one of. Some items require the user select a color. Some items require a size to be selected and some require a gender to be selected. With Xpressite it does not matter how may different types of items you have, once you enter in the options Xpressite displays and validates (force selects if necessary) your sales. Xpressite products can be set to allow imprinting where you can customize each help description for each imprint.

Inventory Management: Product information is displayed in different reports including reports on inventory history, open and backlogged orders. Trying to manage your inventory in one system and your website products without Xpressite requires a lot of extra time. Xpressite links to the back end so synchronization or parallel management is not required.

Shipping Options: You can apply a standard shipping rate for each type of delivery option, or set individual shipping rates by item, or both.

Manufacturer Integration: Submission of a sales order sends an email notification directly to the company as well as providing orders in a work queue for order fullfillment. Some products are not stocked by the retailer and are shipped by the Manufacturer. Xpressite allows additional email notifications to be sent to the Manufacturer for order fullfillment.

Verisign Payment Servcies: Easily integrate a payment processing facility to Verisign to execute the transfer of funds into the merchant account.

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