Small Business Solutions

One way to give a small business a competive edge is through the appearance of a large company website. Unfortunately, small businesses tend to have fewer resources to cover the costs of building and maintaining a website than thier larger competitors. The outcome is a website with limited content, outdated information, broken links and insufficient means to communicate with prospects. As consumers turn to the web more and more as a resource to their purchasing decisions, a strong web presence is critical to survival.

The best solution for the small business can be found in a content manager. Content managers offer many of the same features of a large company website but at an affordable price. They allow users to create, publish and manage their own content further reducing costs. Xpressite has helped many small and medium businesses (SMB) portray a larger presence while minimizing the costs and resources necessary to make it happen. The following is a list of ways our SMB clients use Xpressite to maintain and establish a competitive advantage.

News: Posting industry related news is a great way to establish credibility and offer additional information to your prospects. Using Xpressite's automated features, you can predetermine publishing and expiration dates making it appear as if someone is making daily changes to the site when in reality it could be weekly or even monthly.

Press Releases: In slow economic times, a company that publishes press releases about significant events shows how well the company is doing despite the downturn. Prospects think that the company must have something special and will be interested in finding out more.

Upcoming Events: A calendar of upcoming events must be kept current. Xpressite's automatic updating and removal process displays upcoming events and automatically removes expired events. Some companies prefer to be a portal for their target audience and post links of relevant upcoming events on their calendar. Xpressite makes this easy and fast. Xpressite includes a registration form to provide a simple way for users to register for upcoming events.

White Papers: A person or company searching the internet is looking for answers, and havng the answers to their questions on your site just increases the chance that they become a paying customer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Keeping current clients happy is very important. Providing a way for them to quickly get answers to the most commonly asked questions allows companies to improve customer service while reducing the number of incoming support calls. Xpressite makes adding your questions and answers easy.

eNewsletters (permission email marketing): Communication with company prospects and customers using snail mail and professionally printed marketing materials can get costly. However, developing an elegantly formatted MIME email newsletter and sending it to them accomplishes more and saves money. In addition to the communication, it appears that the company is more technologically advanced which raises their perception and gives them valuable information with a link back to the site for more information. Xpressite's eNewsletter module makes creating a MIME email and linking it to the site a one step process.

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