Education Solutions

The standard features of Xpressite include a wide range of functionality most commonly found in successful websites. We offer additional modules designed specifically for schools:

Conveying the perfect message about your institution must be done in a professional organized manner. With custom designed graphics to encompass your schools passion and history along with Xpressite’s organization system you will deliver the exact message you want in a manner and layout that your visitors will appreciate.

Academics & Teacher’s Assistant

Xpressite’s Teacher’s Assistant simplifies the administrative aspects of teaching so more focus can be put on learning. By automating a wide array of recurring activities, students can access class information on line, teachers can manage homework assignments and grading on-line and parents can track their child’s progress from their office. The most important thing is education. Xpressite’s easy to use Teachers Assistant helps minimize the time teachers spend posting information to the website and more time teaching.

Alumni Relations

Alumni/ae involvement at any school is crucial to carrying on tradition. Our Alumni/ae module makes it easy for Alumni to contact their peers, sign up for events, update their personal information, post class notes, register for upcoming alumni events and make those all important donations. Xpressite’s work queue simplifies the managing of requests and registrations received.


Sports are a great way for the Alumni/ae to keep current and connected to the school and it’s also a way for local residents and potential students to learn more about the school. Making sports information like schedules, game results, directions to sporting events and articles and statistics on completed games establishes your school as leader in technology. Xpressite’s Athletics module simplifies the creation of all games for the sports calendar, automatically builds links to the directions to the fields and dynamically generates the schedules for each team based on games completed and remaining.


A website that is well organized and has a wealth of information will make any Alumni/ae proud to be a part of the institution. An impressive use of technology goes along way toward attracting that next donation. Xpressite’s contact database stores past donors, current parents, current students and alumni/ae in a database to allow you to coordinate development campaigns, track annuity gifts and send periodic newsletters.


Keeping in frequent contact with your Alumni/ae, parents and prospective students are vital for development and recruitment. Our eNewsletter module automates the creation of formatted emails with links back to your site, and sends these emails to “All” or a select group of recipients.

Events management

Xpressite events are date sensitive and show up on calendars until they reach an expiration date. Our events system allows users to register on line for events requiring registration. Our advanced searching tool provides an easy way to filter events. Alumni that register for an event can search the available list of other pre-registered quests to see who else is coming.


Selling books, sweatshirts and other items on line involves more than adding products to a shopping cart and checking out. Xpressite eCommerce includes product and inventory management for organizing and fulfilling orders. Adding products, posting specials, managing fulfillment and tracking backorders is all automatic in Xpressite. Plus, our floating shopping cart displays the selected items at all times during the shopping process.

On line community

Xpressite is used for both Internet and Intranet sites that require a username and password to access. Any functionality or module can be made available either to the entire Internet community or restricted to a specific group of logged in users.

Academic institutions have needs to attract new students, provide information to the student body, faculty & parents, and communicate information to their alumni. Depending on the level of commitment to technology, some schools publish daily lesson plans, homework and term project information, so that students absent from school can keep pace with their classmates.

The Xpressite Solution

Here are some of the solutions Xpressite has implemented for academic institutions:

Faculty Directory: Schools can easily add, update and remove teacher bios, including photos, using a web database managed by Xpressite. When the directory is changed (one school made over 300 updates to the faculty section in a single month), Xpressite automatically adjusts the faculty lists and maintains the links for each department, preserving the directory’s organization integrity. Xpressite’s versatility not only helps schools manage their on-line directories, but also allows faculty, students and parents to search the database, sort faculty lists, and view individual teacher bios with ease.

Alumni Event Registration: Differentiate between school events and alumni events with a simple checkbox. Also, Xpressite provides a checkbox to indicate whether the attendees need to pre-register to attend. If registration is required, Xpressite presents a link to a registration form for the upcoming event. Registrations are then emailed to the Alumni Directory, or their designees, and managed in the Xpressite forms work queue.

Teacher's Assistant: With the same ease as posting lesson plans and homework assignments, teachers can also open an on-line spreadsheet-like grade book for a particular class, and enter in the grades by student for an activity (e.g., test, quiz, paper). Xpressite then updates the students’ records accordingly.

Lesson Plans: Many schools train their faculty on how to create lesson plans and post homework assignments on the site, but without Xpressite, updates are not frequent. With Xpressite’s on-line lesson plans, teachers can easily create a web page, choose one of their classes, and attach the lesson plan or homework assignment for a specific date. Xpressite creates the appropriate links in the proper locations so students and parents can easily find the right information.

Additional Forms Processing: Xpressite manages the various types of forms in a centralized work queue. The following is a sample of some forms used by schools today:
  • Admissions Inquiries: Inquiries include information that allows the admissions office to prepare themselves prior to the callback, to increase their chances of success.
  • Class Notes: Schools can easily accummulate Alumni Class Notes for publication in the Alumni Newsletter with this on-line form. This increases the amount of Class Notes received and improves the newsletter while at the same time, saving time and money.
  • Alumni Updates/Alumni Directory: Alumni can update their bio information via an on-line form. Xpressite then stores the changes in a full-text searchable database automatically for immediate retrieval so Alumni can keep in touch with their former classmates.

Sports Schedules, Scores, Directions & News: Schools often post their game schedules and the directions to each game on separate web pages and then manually manage the links to these pages. Xpressite sorts directions to sports automatically so the manual organization process is eliminated. Similarly, posted scores for games can automatically appear on the home page as a What’s New page and inserted in the list of other completed games.

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