Simplified Navigation REQUIRED

Simplified Navigation: "REQUIRED"

To convert the existing web site to a site that is easier to navigate and has the ability to update pages and navigation links quickly and easily.

Need Identified
The existing company web site had 8 major areas with links in each major area ranging from 3 to 25. The biggest problem with the existing site was the complaint about the difficulty in navigation, both forwards and backwards. Once a user clicked on a major category, they were sent a part of the site for that category. As they continued to drill down, links were not as intuitive as they may have been and the users were not able to quickly find what they were looking for. Lastly, the content on the site needed to be updated daily. This required hiring an outside consultant which was costing too much and the Company was not able to justify hiring an internal programmer just for the web site.

Xpressite uses a multi-frame web site with a dynamic menuing system as the left navigation frame. This navigation frame allows all 8 categories to be displayed and when a user clicks on the category only that frame refreshes to display the components of that category (or the subcategories, if applicable). The users do not have to wait for the entire site to reload just to click on another link to continue drilling down to find the page they are looking for. By using an expandable navigation frame showing the expanded items, the user always know where they are and can quickly jump to other areas of the site. Additionally, creating and updating pages is instantaneous so daily updates can be done by a non-technical person.

  • Streamlined updating of web site, without using an outside consultant or learning a programming language.
  • Improved hits on web site.
  • Easier navigation of web site

Time Frame
Implementation of this system required one week of development time.

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