Non Profit Solutions

Non-profit organizations need to actively communicate with their supporters, and controlling expenses is critical to continued success. The quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to communicate events, news and announcements to their supporters is through a website that’s easy to maintain on a daily basis. However, most non profits have volunteers responsible for managing the board and the website. These volunteers are usually not technically savvy nor have a lot of time to work with typical web editing tools. Xpressite simplifies every aspect of website management for non profits allowing them to cost effectively communicate information to their community.

The Xpressite Solution

Xpressite makes publishing up-to-date information to supporters on the Internet easy, and allows board members to more effectively manage operations with an Intranet module.

Here are some Xpressite solutions that Kolaco has designed for non-profit organizations:

Events Schedule: Non-profits that sponsor events need the ability to post event information, manage an events calendar and sometimes processe events registrations. Xpressite's event management module makes managing events a snap. Our sports related installations use the events mondule to cancel games and practices in case of rain outs, reschedule facilities and manage game and field schedules.

Member Registration: Some non-profit groups—like local sports and music organizations—require that participants enroll. Using a web-based form to register members and store the information in an on-line database reduces the labor and production costs associated with processing paper enrollment forms. All communications with members are then managed electronically.

Player/Member Management: Non-profits that organize events can track participation by having participants register on-line. Participants complete a web-based form that is then stored in a database. Using this on-line registration process simplifies tracking, coordination of player evaluations, assigning players to teams, ordering equipment tracking progress through the system as well as follow up communications.

eNewsletter: Keeping in contact with non profit members is important and the telephone chain sometimes is not effective. Integrating Xpressite's eNewsletter module, non profits can send news and information to "All" or a select group of recipients.

Document Library: Both private (available to internal board members only) and public documents are stored in a centralized on-line document library for easy retrieval. This self-fulfillment process (search and view/print) minimizes demand on the organization’s staff for materials distribution.

Meeting Minutes Tracking: The process of documenting project meeting minutes and following up on action items arising from these meetings is crucial for effective board management of a non-profit organization. Integrating Kolaco’s Meeting Minutes tracking system assures that each item will be tracked through to completion.

News: Non-profit organizations need to keep their supporters up-to-date with news from various, unrelated sources. Xpressite’s News and Events Portal allows an organization to quickly and easily post links on its home page to information from other internet websites without adding the actual source page to its own site. When these links are assigned a display end date, Xpressite automatically removes them from the organization’s website when they expire.

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